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Aglaonema Cutlass

The Aglaonema Cutlass or Chinese Evergreen has been an interior design staple since the 70’s. It features long, narrow dark green leaves with striking patterns. Whether placing this in a well lit modern living space or a dim bedroom, the Chinese Evergreen’s easy-going temperament will allow it to thrive. Due to it’s relatively slow growth, this plant takes a long time to outgrow its pot, making ongoing maintenance minimal.

**It is our promise to you that we will send the freshest and highest quality plants. Please note that potted plants are NOT directly planted into the pot (meaning the plant nursery pot sits inside the decorative pot). Plant sizes refer to the size of the nursery pot. Keep in mind, no two plants are alike. Yours will have its own unique shape and size. Heights may vary from the images pictured. **


Light: Low to bright indirect light.
Water: Allow soil to dry between waterings. Water thoroughly during watering.
Considerations: Avoid placing these plants under cold vents or or near a draft. Aglaonemas do best in warmer environments.

  • Orientation : All-Around

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